Selamat Datang

Selamat Datang is Welcome in Bahasa Malaysia, the national language of Malaysia. Please feel to try and savour the recipes posted over at the blog. As my son, Kiren puts it - different people have different tongue and therefore different taste so I hope it fits your tastebuds.

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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Deep Fried Banana Balls @ Cekodok Pisang @ Cucur Pisang

If you have over-ripe bananas what else can you do instead of cake.  Well this is what we used to have as tea time snack - Deep Fried Banana Balls.  Back home it is known as cucur pisang or cekodok pisang.

It is as easy as 1,2,3...
Step 1 : Mix all ingredients

Step 2 : Fry till golden brown

Step 3 Serve


4-5 over ripe bananas - any bananas will do I used the long type
1 cup of self raising flour
sugar according to to your taste


1.  Mashed the bananas well

2.  Mix all the flour, salt and sugar.

3.  Heat oil and and once it is hot, drop in dollops of mixture. I use a spoon to get almost same size balls.

4.  Fry till golden brown, remove and strain.  Make sure the oil is not too hot as it will turn brown fast but not cooked inside.

5.  Serve and enjoy.

** Sathiarani**

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Laukhi Ki Chutney @ Bottlegourd Chutney

I have got half of a laukhi/bottlegourd/soorkai which I have used the other half to make sambar.  I was planning to make idly for dinner with chicken curry and needed to make a chutney.

Remembered long back, a friend of mine ever mentioned making chutney out of the skin ridged bottlegourd.  I was tempted to make my chutney of the same but the decided otherwise as the bottlegourd skin was more brown than green.  Instead I used chopped bottlegourd.

I always like to prepare my chutneys using coconut oil.  It gives this nice aroma while sauteing and afterwards.  I was pleasantly surprised on how it turned out - my sister-in-law liked it.


Half of bottle gourd medium sized
1 medium sized onion
1 tsp ginger garlic paste
2-3 green/red chilly - depending on your spicy taste bud
1 sprig of curry leaves
10 sprigs of coriander leaves - chopped coarsely
salt to taste
tamarind paste/juice - small pinch
1 -2 tbs of coconut oil - optional can use any other vegetable oil
1tsp cumin seeds
1 tsp of channa dhall
2-3 tbs of coconut gratings.

Some of the ingredients 

1. Removed the skin of the bottlegourd.  Chopped the vegetable to small pieces.  Since you are grinding into a paste, you need not remove the inner white portion and the seeds of the bottle gourd if they are not hard.

2  Heat coconut oil. Once hot, add in cumin seeds.  Let it splutter.  Afterward add in channa dhall and let it turn slightly brown.

3.  Next add in the onions and cook till soft and light in colour.  Add in ginger/garlic paste - stir till the rawness of the paste disappear.  Add in green chilly and curry leaves.  Fry for another minute or two so.

4.  Add in the the chopped bottle gourd. Mix well and let it cooked till soft.

5.  Add in the coriander leaves and cooked for a few more minutes.

6.  Remove from fire and leave it to cool.

7.  In a grinder, add in the cooled bottle gourd mixture, adding coconut scraps. salt and tamarind juice/paste.  Blend into a fine paste.

8.  Remove from the blender and serve with some chopped coriander leaves.


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